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Based in Aberdeen, Cutting Underwater Technologies (CUT) provides both standard and bespoke diamond wire cutting solutions across the globe. 

Find out how GB Controls supported CUT below. 

Project in Focus

Our first project with CUT UK began after they approached the GB Controls team looking for a radio remote control to operate a cutting tool at a safe distance. 

The first e-mail came in at the start of September 2020 and the final unit was shipped 18 November 2020.

The transmitter front panel was bespoke in that there was a unique combination of digital (on/off) switches, rotary variable resistors (potentiometers) and paddle joystick controls. Some of the outputs were instrument outputs and we modified the control strategy to suit the specific valves used by the client. The feed motor was controlled to run forward or reverse at various speeds. The transmitter also required a digital readout updating in real time. 

We worked closely with REMdevice to help the customer achieve what was required of the radio system. We arranged video calling using both Skype and Microsoft Teams so the customer could explain the operation of the cutting machine more freely. There were technical discussions about the operation of different valves and the types of signal needed to make them respond. We sent screen shots of the transmitter LCD with examples of graphics that the customer may wish to incorporate into the machine tool controller. We used the customer’s expected flow rates and pressure values to correctly scale our radio system outputs. The LCD flexibility was put to good use to display the Feeder Motor pressure & flow values in screen 1, the Winch Motor pressures in screen 2 and the wire cutter figures and pressure in screen 3.

In the past, most radio control has been aimed at winches or cranes and the outputs have either been on or off. The radio controllers nowadays are becoming more flexible and can handle different types of signal. They are also required to provide feedback about the moves that they have performed.

A Bespoke Radio Remote Control System

The purpose of CUT UK’s remote radio controller was for a multi function hydraulic cutting tool. During the manufacturing process, the GB Controls team implemented functions such as, static slider, switches and more.

A key feature included the LCD screen, which was programmed to display: 

  • Feed Motor Pressure
  • Feed Motor Feed Rate
  • Wrist Motor Pressure
  • Wire Cutter Pressure
  • Total Clamping Pressure

Radio Control Systems

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