Temperature Control Systems for Food Production, Storage and Distribution

Supplying the food storage and distribution sector with high quality expert control systems.


Supporting the Food Storage and Distribution sector.

Refrigeration Controls Designed for Food Production, Storage and Distribution Sectors

The transportation and storage of food requires specialist equipment and conditions, to ensure the shelf life and quality of the food. For this reason, GB Controls supplies a multitude of companies with standardised and

bespoke control systems including national and regional distribution centres, food manufacturers, farm shops, artisan producers and more.

Food Producers and Processors

Ensuring optimum conditions for the storage and distribution of food, is imperative for food producers and processors across the globe. At GB Controls, we support various food producers and processors with this, by supplying our customers with standardised or bespoke control systems. 

Food producers and processors we work with include: 

  • Scotbeef 
  • Bakkavor
  • Len Wright Salads 
  • Victor Pizza 
  • Karro Foods
  • Pork Farms

Farming & Farm Shops

The farming and farm shop industry deals with a lot of fresh produce that requires specific temperatures when being stored or distributed. To assist with this, GB Controls works with a number of businesses such as Chatsworth Farm Shop, Knightly Hall Farm and Redfern’s Farm Shop.

Fisheries and Dairy

Fisheries and dairy product manufacturers produce goods which require certain temperatures that meet specific guidelines, when they are both stored and distributed. GB Controls is proud to supply a multitude of companies to ensure that their products are kept at the correct temperature during storage and throughout transit to their destination. Our control panels have supported businesses such as: 

  • Enterfoods 
  • Bute Island Foods 
  • Premier Refrigeration 
  • New England Seafood 
  • Highland Fine Cheeses 
  • AO Seafoods 
  • Snowdonia Cheese




Supporting the Food Storage and Distribution Sector throughout the UK

Are you looking for high quality commercial refrigeration controls in your industry? With a proven track record supporting a wide range of sectors through our standardised and bespoke control systems, GB Controls is ready to support your business or organisation. 

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