Radio Control with Buttons / IP65



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Radio Control Brick

Radio Control with Buttons / IP65

Control Interface: Buttons

Product applications: Machines, material handling, overhead cranes, lifting equipment, trucks


Compact and smart safety
The light and handy but resistant, easily programmable transmitter, boasts a record for operating life without any recharging:
up to 40 hours’ work. It is the first keyboard with patented induction recharging system, fully isolated from dust and humidity. A configurable console for the most demanding applications, ideal to work continuously, without worrying about downtime. Up to 12 buttons, data feedback and selector or potentiometric controller.

Leader in sturdiness and long-life Standard or customized keyboard. Configurable with the most advanced electronic systems. Brick is particularly resistant to external agents and suitable to prolonged use.

Compact, safe and easy to use Induction wireless charging, for 40 hours’ work IP 65, reliable and waterproof Wide configurability.

GB Controls supply a range of radio control systems.