Temperature Control Systems for Education

GB Controls successfully provides education establishments with the necessary high quality control systems, across the UK.


Supporting the Education sector.

Specialised Temperature Control Systems Designed for the Education Sector

A wide range of educational facilities require control systems to carry out their teaching and research activities. GB Controls has a number of institutions it assists to do this, through supplying either bespoke or standardised control systems.

Colleges and Universities

From Bradford College Training Facility to Southampton University’s Centre for Cancer Immunology – GB Controls manufactures bespoke and standardised control systems to a high quality, in order to support their educational needs. 

Control systems benefit educational institutions for a number of reasons. In particular, university and college labs carry out vital research which requires them to have the resources and ability to control temperatures in specific environments. 

We are proud to have supplied control systems to the following institutions, to name but a few:

  • Birbeck College, London
  • Oxford University department of Bio Chemistry
  • Bangor University, Seacams
  • Royal Liverpool University
  • Southampton University – Centre for Cancer Immunology
  • Durham University
  • Cancer Research UK, Cambridge


Supporting the Education Sector throughout the UK

Are you looking for high quality commercial refrigerator temperature control in your industry? With a proven track record supporting a wide range of sectors through our standardised and bespoke control systems, GB Controls is ready to support your business or organisation. 

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