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Revolutionizing Design Processes: The Transition to WSCAD at GB Controls

GB Controls, a leading provider of electrical control systems, embarked on a
transformative journey from a non-automated CAD package to adopting the
latest state of the art WSCAD software.

GB Controls has been at the forefront of delivering innovative control solutions
for industrial applications for almost 40 years. Despite their expertise, the
company faced challenges inherent in relying solely on a low-level CAD package,
including prolonged design cycles, scalability, and increased risk of errors.

GB Controls adopts WSCAD software solution

Time-Intensive Design Process: The existing CAD package consumed valuable
time and resources, hindering the company’s ability to meet project deadlines
and customer demands promptly.

Inflexibility in Design Modifications: Any alterations or revisions to required
extensive rework, leading to delays and inefficiencies in the design process.

Collaboration Bottlenecks: Sharing and collaborating on drawings proved
cumbersome, often resulting in miscommunication and coordination challenges
among team members.

Embarking on cutting edge WSCAD technology

To address these challenges, GB Controls made the strategic decision to transition to WS-CAD software. After thorough evaluation, WSCAD was chosen for its advanced features, intuitive interface, and seamless integration capabilities with other engineering tools used by the company.

GB Controls sees huge benefits in WSCAD design for their control systems

Streamlined Design Process: WSCAD significantly accelerated the design
process at GB Controls, allowing engineers to create intricate control system
layouts in a fraction of the time compared to the existing CAD package.

Enhanced Design Accuracy: The precision tools and automated features of WSCAD ensured greater accuracy in design, minimizing errors and reducing the
need for extensive rework.

Improved Collaboration: WSCAD’s collaborative features facilitated real-time
sharing and editing of designs among team members, fostering better
communication and coordination throughout the design process.

Increased Design Flexibility: With WSCAD’s parametric modelling capabilities,
engineers at GB Controls could explore various design iterations quickly,
enabling them to adapt to evolving project requirements with ease.

Cost-Efficiency: By streamlining the design process, minimizing errors, and reducing rework, WSCAD helped GB Controls optimize resource utilization and
lower overall project costs, ultimately improving profitability.

A major step forward for GB Controls 

The transition from manual drawing to WSCAD marked a significant milestone in GB Controls journey towards innovation and efficiency. By embracing modern CAD technology, the company not only overcame longstanding design challenges but also positioned itself as a frontrunner in delivering high-quality, cost-effective control solutions to its clients. This strategic investment in WSCAD has laid a strong foundation for future growth and continued success at GB Controls.

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Revolutionizing Design Processes: The Transition to WSCAD at GB Controls
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